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Ah yes, the "bash the 'horder'" thread. I guess I have to chuckle a little when I go to Wal-mart for groceries and just walk by the ammo counter that is doing it's best impersonation of old mother Hubbard's cupboard and think to myself, "Damn, I am glad I laid in a stock of this stuff years ago!" You want to talk about having "disposable income? I've been buying bits and pieces here and there since the days of the Klintonista regieme firing it up as I needed and saving the rest away. Are you telling me that $9.99 for 550 rounds is because I have too much disposable income? Buy a box every month and even though the price is a lot higher these days, you are still not looking at a huge expenditure. Do I really need any more? Not really but when I find it, I buy a box or two to maintain the stock levels I built up over the years.
So, no, I do not consider folks that have saved for a rainy day to be horders. I think of them as having the insight to plan ahead for rough times like this. It's our vindication to those that looked at us like we were crazy for having the stockpiles we did have when times were good. Sorry if you're a Johny-come-lately to this game or if your sense of forsight didn't extend further than 5 minutes past your morning breakfast. The "too expensive" line doesn't wash with me either. Bottom line is you got caught with your pants down and are now having to pay the price for it. That's not bashing anyone, that's just the facts.
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