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First Concealed Carry

I am looking to purchase my first concealed carry. I would like a compact 9mm but past that I am not sold on anything. I really just don't like the Glock look. I realize it is a tool but I want to like it. I am used to 1911's so something that would give me a similar feel would be nice. I am not really interested in sub compacts either. I have large hands and would like to be able to wrap all of my fingers around the grip. Models I have looked at are the CZ 75 compact, springfield xdm, bretta px4 storm and the glock 19. I like the look of the CZ, the Springfield looks like the grip is too short for me, I haven't read the best things on the bretta, and like I said I'm not really into the Glock. I would appreciate any suggestions. I am trying to stay in the $400-600 range. Just thought of it, do any Sigs fit the bill?
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