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To me the Nano is an in-betweener. It's not as lightweight, small or concealable as a Kahr CM9 /PM9 or Rohrbaugh R9, so it just doesn't optimally fit the CCW need.
Well, the Nano is the same 23 oz loaded as the PM9. Weight matters more to me than size. The Rohrbaugh R9 is lighter by 3 oz when loaded, but is like $1000, and I find it unlikely it will last as long as a Nano when being shot.

The price is much lower than the Kahr, and it looks higher-end to me.

But the real value is the S&W Shield - $389 or so.

Then there is the Walther PPS - $700 or so - which to me says it was priced before there was competition as their new mid-size PPQ M2 is cheaper and way-awesome.
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