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It is really ridiculous what has been going on with this run on 22LR ammo. There is no reason to think that something is going to happen to make little 'ol 22 go away forever to never be seen again. Some also worry about some kind of phantom tax that will make it too expensive to afford. Of course this hysteria is doing that very thing, driving up the price and making it unavailable.
All this talk of hoarding vs sensible buying habits got me to thinking about what I am so I went around and did an inventory of my rimfire stashes. It turns out I have around 4700 rounds of 22LR from various manufacturers. I have a habit of buying a brick of Federal when it's on sale and peppering in other brands in various quantities. Is this hoarding? I don't think so and when I was in Walmart a few weeks ago the only stock they had were 100 packs of CCI mini mags. I could have bought all 10 boxes they had on the shelf but I only picked up two to replace some of the few hundred rounds I had just shot off that same day.
It's the dead of winter right now so I don't shoot as much as I will in a few months. I did go to an indoor range a few weeks ago and shot some and I did squeeze off a round in the direction of a red squirrel a short time ago but I thing my stash will last me until the insanity goes away, which it will. I refuse to pay these ridiculous prices and to go chasing around for ammo.
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