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Yes they both have teflon. I didn't know this. It's listed on Breakfree CLP bottles/cans as PTFE. I spoke with Safariland today and they said it is highly recommended to strip anyway the remoil because the two products are not compatible, although a lot of people dont. One of the concerns they mentioned is that very small particles of moisture can get trapped between the products becuase of this difference and by stripping and applying a fresh coat will eliminate this possibility. Remington told me that it is ok to use breakfree clp, but they can't recommend using it on their trigger assembly because they beleive it has a higher content of teflon. Anyway, this is what I was told from the manufacturers. However being OEM manufacturers they need do follow a set protocol. Nothing speaks more from mass experience, however when safety matters I always err and follow towards safety.

Thank you yes they both have a form of teflon.
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