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Might be time to head to the practice range or your going to be hungry. And while your at it, pick out a better bullet, or switch calibers, ( I know gabillions of deer have been killed by the mighty 30-30), maybe something more suitable for distances over 125 yds.
As far as the Nosler Ballistic Tips goes, it isn't always perfect, but with that bullet SHOT PLACEMENT IS PARAMOUNT!!
I shot a 265 lb 8 pointer in 1990, in the timber at a distance of 125 yds, right behind the ear and broke his neck, dropped him right where he stood.
However I've heared stories of Ballistic tip shot deer not dying quickly and when it came right down to it it was shot placement.
Scorch hit right on, the best hunting bullet probabkly is the Partition from Nosler, it will penetrate better than most premium bullets in its class.
Thanks for coming!
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