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Best of luck on the surplus ammo'll need it. Virtually all of the good 8mm surplus is long gone. You're rather late to the game, you see. I second the recommendation for Prvi Partisan. About the cheapest new 8mm ammo you'll find....and good stuff to boot.

A word about your hangfires. That is the ammo, not the rifle. 8mm Mauser has not been a current military cartridge, for any military in the world that I know of, since the 1960's. The Yugoslavs still drilled recruits and taught basic marksmanship, etc. with M48 series rifles then - but phased this out early in the 70's. However, they kept the Mausers stored away as "war reserve" weapons until the 1980's - that is why the rifles became available on the surplus market in the 80's and 90's. A few Mausers have still been used, by irregular troops, in conflicts such as Kosovo, even up to current times. The Yugos did use LIMITED numbers of Mausers as sniper weapons, even in the early 80's. But, the point is, there is NO military contract 8mm Mauser ammo being loaded now -and not for a long time - so any surplus you find now is truly old stuff. The only exception that I know of is some Yugo 8mm sniper ammo loaded in the early 80's - but that stuff is well nigh impossible to find. Any ammo, if not stored properly (and if it is of poor quality anyway), will display reliability issues. The older the ammo, the more this is true. Thus, duds and hangfires.

I actually started handloading, many moons ago.....specifically to feed my 8mm Mausers. That is another possibility for you, if you wish to consider it. It really isn't expensive to get started (you can get budget equipment for $100 or less)....and you'll save lots over buying commercial ammo. It's not difficult to learn and loading for one particular cartridge is pretty simple. Just an idea....

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