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Is it "unethical" for a gun shop to raise prices during a shortage?

A comment in another thread got me thinking - is it unethical for a gun shop to raise their prices during an actual shortage?

I don't like seeing prices go up any more than the next guy, but on the other hand, store owners earn their living by moving a certain amount of stock each month, at a particular profit margin. If they're legitimately concerned that they might not get any new stock once they've sold what they have on-hand, I can understand wanting to maximize profit in preparation for leaner times ahead.

I'd feel different if it were something like gasoline, heating oil or water and we were in the middle of a natural disaster. Likewise, I think it matters how much of the store's total sales depends on the items that are in short supply. Wal-Mart isn't going to go under in six months if they have to rely on non-ammo/non-firearm sales for a while, for example, so I'd probably be less sympathetic if they started raising prices wildly.

Any thoughts?
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