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Shootiniron, my notions about rifles is changing rapidly. Out of the box, the cheap rifles are outshooting the expensive rifles. I have plenty of the expensive rifles and to be honest, it really me off when I go to Walmart and pay $375 each for two Vanguards and then go pay just north of $400 for a Vanguard2 that will outshoot what the expensive rifles would do out of the box. My TC Venture shoots better out of the box than my Sendaro. Paying top dollar for rifles and then having to square actions, lap lugs, re-cut chambers, or at the very least do a pile of bedding work is getting old. I just bought one of Savage's more expensive rifles that I had to bed to get it to hit the broad side of a barn; its pillar was moving. If Savage sells a rifle for $800 and one for $325, common sense would lead one to expect that the $800 one would at least shoot as well as the $325; especially considering the expensive one was in more accurate cartridge. My opinion now is if a $350 rifle will outshoot a BDL, buy the inexpensive rifle. Despite what is posted above, the high end Savages have as much plastic on them as the cheap ones.
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