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Thanks for your thoughts and opinions all . . .

When I posted this, I didn't realize there would be the response that there was.

I was back to the LGS to take a look at them and it turned out to be a mute point . . . the two that they had in the showcase the other day were both sold so they at least appealed to a couple of others. I'll check the out the next time I run across one. Until them, I still have plenty of other revolvers to shoot.

The day wasn't a total wash though. We stopped at a Sportsman's Warehouse and I couldn't resist picking up a Sig Sauer 1911-22. Yea, I know . . . this is a revolver forum and I'm pretty much a "revolver guy" . . but I'd been looking at these for a year or so and at $299.99 - a special they were offering - I couldn't resist - the cheapest I've seen them offered. And don't even go on the "pot metal" rampage . . . they are a nice little pistol and I just wanted one for plinking - plus it reminds me of a WW II Marine that was like a second father to me who is now gone - he collected 1911s. So I guess this Sig will be the "red headed step child" among my revolvers.

Thanks again for the input on the Armscore - hoped it helped others as well who might be considering one.
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