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I think some people get a .40 because they think a .45 is too big, or too big for them, or a .45 requires more expensive ammo. Several friends have bought .40's after having a 9mm and wanting something bigger. And, as stated, lots of police are on the .40 bandwagon. I grew up in the days when there were only 9's and .45's, for the most part, for semi-autos. I later bought some 10mm's, and enjoy them along with the 9's and .45's. The .40 always seemed like an answer to a problem that didn't exist, although there ARE now some fine compact guns in .40 that DO fill the gap for a reasonably compact auto with just a LITTLE more punch than a 9, and less buk than a .45 compact. Maybe the "fad" is dying a bit, and those that felt a .45 was too big are replacing their .40's with bigger guns.
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