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Any Parker Hale Experts

Hi All,

I'm afraid this is my first post and it's a request for help.

I've just got my first rifle, a Parker Hale 22.250 and I'm trying to find out about it. It must be about my age but has clearly had an easier life as it's in far better shape than I am. From what I've found on the web it looks like a 1200 but it has a solid recoil pad and it doesn't have the fastener, screw/bolt head that most of the ones I've seen have on their woodwork below the action/chamber.

I believe that if you remove the stock there are markings on the barrel which will give its age but I don't really want to do this, is there a list of serial numbers anywhere which will help identify it? The serial number is P-30604

Also, although with the bolt forward it locks up nice and tight but when the bolt is brought to the rear there seems to be a fair bit of movement, ie while holding it the rear seems to be fairly free to move up and down, side to side. Is this normal? The last time a fired a bolt action rifle it was as a 15 year old cadet firing a Lee Enfield .303 and that was many years ago.

Many thanks,


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