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This leads me to believe it was the ammo. Any advice? or suggestions? would be great. Also i am switching back to reagular lead nose and hollow points. Come to think of it I took a 100 lb sow earlier this year with the same round and it was a clean 1 shot kill........
This experience in hunting I guess you can chalk it up to a (disappointing lesson) Sometimes we all stray from what we know works best in our firearms. After all its human nature to look for something better. Sadly such has happen in your case JarheadHunter You were quickly reminded of your mistake in choice of ammo. My suggestion stick with what you >know< works. It gladdens me to know you returned to the basic bullet design for that 30-30 of yours. That's Old School tried and true technology Sir. (lead nose)

First deer. From what I read It sounds like you grazed its belly. If the fur was white or tan looking. Yep I suspect that's what happened.

Second deer. That reads. A pretty good hit on her. (Blood, bone & fur) Again a little low perhaps. But no less it was a killing shot in time.

Many times we caught up in the heat of the moment and quickly move in to where the animal was last seen for a look see after a shot. More times than not if your animal is still alive. It will bolt & struggle to move farther away whether it was standing or laying. Not because we were seen. It's hearing more likely. (One very important sense it depends on telling itself to move. Too survive!!)
You have to give any big game animal time to succumb from its wound/s. (time to relax and let its blood flow freely.) At least 30-45 minuets before moving in for a look see is about Right. Any less time spent not waiting. My suggestion then would be. Go home change out those heavy clothes and put on some comfortable walking shoes/ boots or have fresh batteries in your flashlight because your going to spend a long day / night of look'in for it. (If it indeed that deer got away from you to begin with)
To not find both animals is indeed a disappointment and a shame as well on that second doe. I've hunted since I was 11 yrs old now 68 and have taken a deer every year other than my service time. I've only lost one. I still feel bad about loosing her to this day. Well Sir. You now have your one too.
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