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Shall I say LCR in .357???
My first carry gun was a S&W 60 in .357. I sold it for an older 640 in .38 special and never looked back. Magnum rounds are kind of pointless in short barrels. You get the extra recoil, muzzle flash, and bark without really gaining that much over a .38. You really need at least a 4" barrel to take full advantage of the .357 magnums potential, which is why I recommend to everyone looking for a snub to stick with .38 Special.

A single action does not have adjustable sights--get a colt peacemaker. It really sounds like a real cowboy gun, unlike the single six.
Ruger Blackhawks, Super Blackhawks, Single Six, and Single Ten all have adjustable sights, all are single actions.

That is unless you meant by your comment that single actions should not have adjustable sights. If that's the case I agree and prefer the Vaquero over the adjustable sight black hawk.

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