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"And it would since it's inaccurate."

And, as I noted earlier, no, it's really not, because all it is is a collective identifier. It tells you nothing specific about the gun other than it's a K frame .38 Special made prior to 1957.

In that sense, it's the exact same as grouping all of the many variations of post-1957 guns into the "Model 10" class.

Calling one of these a model 10 tells you only the most very basic thing about the gun -- it's a K frame .38. Other than that, nothing.

Is it a heavy barrel? Is it a pencil barrel? Round butt? Square butt? 10-2? 10-6? 10-792,289? Is it even one of the very few .357 Magnum or 9mms?

Even the term Victory Model is FAR more specific and far more informative about exactly what attributes a particular K frame M&P might have.

Sometimes people get FAR too hung up on terms that are used collectively as a class name.

If you, or someone else, were to argue that only the post war, short-action M&Ps made between 1946 and 1957 are pre-Model 10s, then you may have a firmer argument.
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