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We are getting off the original topic a bit... but in my mind that is OK. This is a good discussion.

The maintaining (and God willing, the expanding) of our RTKBA is both a legal fight and a political fight. Given the current realities of the Supreme Court and the Heller decisions, the courts are going to continue to affirm that the 2nd is an individual right. Hugely important, yes.… BUT, I think we would be mistaken to rely on the courts to defend our right to own AR/AK rifles and 30 round mags. That is going to be a political fight.

It is a bit of a fantasy to think that the SCOTUS is going to rule that a ban on AR/AKs and other military-derivative rifles is unconstitutional, and wow, now we can all relax, and the battle is finally over... nope, I don't think it will work out that way. I think that keeping our "evil black rifles" will be a never ending political battle, and our side will gain and loose ground, and the other side will gain and loose ground.
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