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By that I mean that both sides point their finger at the other side and say "How dare you use a tragedy and the fear of future tragedies to further your personal agenda!"
No gun owner is trying to politicize recent events. That is 100% on the anti-gun crowd.

How many of us have been at a LGS or show and heard the speech: "buy now because tomorrow might be too late!" While this may be true, how is this any different then their argument to ban guns? Their argument is "ban today because tomorrow might be to late!"
It's very different because:
1. gun salesmen are just that - salesmen, no different than a car salesman. How many times have you heard a car salesman tell you "I have 3 people interested in that car, it won't be here tomorrow"...
2. The president, vice president, a large number of your Senators and even some House members are working on banning, restricting, regulating, and taxing your ability to own guns - they are spending gobs of money and tons of political capital trying to convince Americans that more gun bans are needed. That is a genuine threat, not simple salesmanship.
3. I've never head any anti argument that goes "ban today because tomorrow might be too late". No, they just use any opportunity to ramp up their gun-ban network.

Taking away something that I lawfully own and my right to purchase something that I should be legally allowed to own IS NOT THE SAME as me wanting to keep my guns. That's just plain nuts! It is not "two sides to the same coin". Not even close.

Anyways, I feel the idea of gun bans are a joke because guns are the result of violence. Look at the "Old West". Wasn't it guns that brought law and order to the west?
More bad logic. First, gun bans are not a joke. Not for me, anyway. I have lived through 3 gun bans (86, 89, and 94) - and all of them have whittled away at our 2nd Amendment rights and ability to defend ourselves against criminals and against tyranny. Guns are not the result of violence. Death, and physical injury are the result of violence. Guns are the result of a specific set of manufacturing process in response to people's demands to be able to adequately defend themselves.

One more thing: Guns neither brought anarchy or law and order to the Old West. People did.

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