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Tom, Yee has reintroduced it this year, and as proposed it will ban sales of all new ARs unless they have a fixed internal mag--unless the bill is amended of course. Existing ARs will be grandfathered, but only if registered with the State (not under the NFA). Sig is correct that mags greater than 10 rounds will still be banned--the new law will not change that aspect of the old law, particularly since it applies to handguns as well. This is in addition to a law passed lst session that goes into effect 1/1/14 requiring all long arm sales to be registered as well as handgun sales. The only guns that will not be registered are non-AWs longarms purchased prior to that date, and whatever handguns that were purchased prior to the handgun registration law (date of which I don't recall). Further, California law requires all guns sales be subject to a background check. Now you know why Brady gives the state a perfect score...
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