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I'm not saying they're right, I'm just saying if you listen closely, it sounds like both sides are saying the same thing, using the same excuses, and whether we realize it or not, both sides are using a tragedy to further their own agenda. They want our guns, we want to keep our guns. It's that simple.
The problem is this: the antis like Feinstein and the rest REALLY DO WANT ALL GUNS BANNED. If you could open their skulls and look into their brains, you would see that. They are lying about claiming they want to keep the 2A intact. So, the NRA is not paranoid in saying that, it really is true. And anything gun owners "give away" is just taking a step toward their end game.

We are all lucky the SCOTUS affirmed 2A in the Heller decision. That stopped them dead in their tracks. It's the reason Obama has not done anything on gun control.
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