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We say the politicians are using our fear of future tragedies to take away our rights, while the gun gabbers claim we are using the fear of future tragedies to justify more gun and gun related sales.

How many of us have been at a LGS or show and heard the speech: "buy now because tomorrow might be too late!" While this may be true, how is this any different then their argument to ban guns? Their argument is "ban today because tomorrow might be to late!"

I'm not saying they're right, I'm just saying if you listen closely, it sounds like both sides are saying the same thing, using the same excuses, and whether we realize it or not, both sides are using a tragedy to further their own agenda. They want our guns, we want to keep our guns. It's that simple.
I don't follow (or agree with) your logic. The pro-freedom side (us) is not using "the fear of future tragedies to justify more gun and gun related sales," unless you are calling a possible future AWB a "tragedy." Both sides are not saying the same thing at all.
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