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Original Mark VII (7) ball ammo was a 174 Gr flat base full metal jacket. It had a muzzle velocity of 2450 FPS. The bullet was a little "odd" in that real Mk VII bullets were a "woodliegh" type with a 2 part core, lead at the rear & fiber or aluminium at the front. This made them longer than "conventional bullets" of the same weight & diameter. Your closest ballistic match currently would be a 180 Gr round nose type, but it might be a bit much, for medium sized game, being designed for heavy game like Elk & moose.

#1 & 2 being different 150 Gr SP & & #3 the pulled Mk VII ball in this comparison picture. #4 is a FMJ-BT for comparison purposes. Try to avoid BT bullets in Enfields as some just won't shoot with them.

I've handloaded 150 Gr flat base soft points to 2550 FPS & found at any responsible hunting distance particularly in brush country (out to 300yds) they'll duplicate the sights path pretty well.
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