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What it says Manta is that America, like many other countries, is unique and has it's own set of unique problems.

We are working to deal with them in our way.

BTW, I recall North Ireland has it's own issues with violence and security.

But more then a history lesson what I really remember is flying into Shannon Airport with a scheduled 2.5 hour layover, disembarking, grabbing a couple of smokes to get my nicotine levels back in balance, and just when I was ready to try my first meal in Ireland we were mysteriously called back to the plane to continue our flight to Kuwait. It was the shortest 2.5 hour layover of my entire life I think.

I also remember several less then friendly faces at the airport. The kind of faces you see from people who discover bubblegum on the bottom of their shoes.

Are there increasing anti-American sentiments in Ireland these days that you know of?
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