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Here is all I will say about the locking up guns part.

I grew up around my Fathers gun(s) and it was always loaded and chambered. I knew where it was but I never felt like it was anything "special" (from a child's perspective) because my dad would let me handle the gun any time I asked him if I could.

Naturally it wasn't loaded when he let me handle it in the house but the fact that it wasn't some mysterious "cool" thing made me not really think anything of it. I never tried to play with it, I knew what it was, how it worked and what it could do so I had respect towards the weapon.

Each family has to figure out what's best for them and I'm only sharing how I was brought up.

As a child, a handgun was NOT a mystery to me so I never felt the need to "play" with it when my dad wasn't around. This worked for our family and it may be the answer for some but not others.

Not proposing this as a method for everyone but for my family it worked just fine.

It was also sort of out of necessity as it was important for me, at a very young age, to be familiar with handling a handgun and even being able to use it defensively if a situation arose.

I was handling my dad's guns since I was 5 years old and shooting them since the age of 6.
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