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This is my own wierd Enfield experience. I shoot a lot of milsurps and alot of new precision rifles. I can shoot some of the new stuff really well, and some of the milsurps (Finnish Mosin's especially and K31's) are excellent shooters as well.

Enfields seem to have some wierd magic property to them, where instead of shooting, for examply, .5 inch groups at 100, and 1.25 at 200, and 4" at 300, they always seem to throw up 5" groups for me no matter what. i've got two .303's and an Ishapore in 7.62. 100 yards = 5", 200 yards = 5", 300 yards = 5". Can't really complain, just my wierd issue. Maybe something to do with my not holding the weapon still enough when that cocking puiece comes sliding home during firing?
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