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Originally Posted by RamItOne
I've got mixed feelings on it, I wouldn't want the gvt to be able to get their hands on making the course req very restrictive with the sole purpose of thwarting citizens from acquiring a license.
On the other hand I don't want it to be - muzzle=bad, unloaded=safe and that's the course.
A number of states (including my home state) accept/require the NRA "Basic Pistol" class. That's currently an 8-hour class, and requires a live fire exercise of a minimum of 50 rounds (that's a fairly recent change).

Other states, such as Pennsylvania, require only a background check. I don't know of any statistics showing that Pennsylvania has a significantly higher per capita incidence of negligent discharges by CCW holders than Texas, so I'm forced to conclude that Texas is simply gouging Texans by unnecessarily requiring a more expensive and complicated qualification than what's needed to accomplish the purpose.

I admittedly don't know what all 50 states (okay, 49, since Vermont doesn't require permits or even issue them as an option) require, but Texas (my old home state) is BY FAR the most onerous of those I have encountered.

And I don't know of any other state that requires you to shoot the qualifying course of fire again each time you renew your permit.
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