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Anyway, the way the Republican Leaders and Harry Reid are talking now, I don't see the Fienstine ban even coming up for a vote in the senate.

They can't come close to getting the 60 votes for closure and Reid says he's not going to force his Reagan Democrats to vote for something that would cost them their job in two years.
Let's keep in mind that even if it did pass the Senate (and last I saw, they are expecting a 51 to 49, against if it were voted right now, and a 50/50 means Crazy Uncle Joe gets to vote), there's no way it could pass the House.

But here's the real issue. The Feinstein bill won't pass. However, they could water that thing down enough to get enough votes. Limiting magazine capacity seems to be something that could be easy to pass...and possibly in the House as well because it's what they consider a common sense measure (we all know the truth). Something is going to come out of all of this. And it's likely something that won't make either side happy.
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