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IMO,the very best people to understand and provide that security are today's Greatest Generation of professionals who have been shot at,and shot back
Who are the generation of professionals you talk about. ? And what makes you think they would be interested in being security guards. How many of the professional you talk about are ready to become security guards compared with the number of schools in America.

+1 to this. When the day comes that I have children of my own, they will not be going to any school unless it has armed officers or guards
They go on about the crime rate in the uk. What dose it say about America when people won't send their children to school unless there are armed guards.

PS Just because someone was soldier and had being shot at doesn't mean they would be a good choice to guard children.

Quote. An American soldier walked off his base in a remote southern Afghan village shortly before dawn Sunday and opened fire on civilians inside their homes, killing at least 16, including ( nine children ) .

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