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There's a part of my original idea/question that's been glossed over I'd like to get back to.

What are the benefits/drawbacks/ease/difficulty in lining up the law enforcement organizations as a likely stand in for the militia the framers were pointing to?

It's not a direct comparison, but it also seems most likely to get us where most of us want, if they can't ban anything the local and federal police agencies are using.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds as though you're suggesting some kind of ruse, where we all become LEOs-in-name-only and therefore can have any weapons the local police can have.

I find it difficult to believe anyone finds that credible, but there is an organization in Montana that is trying to effect legislation? I don't know -- some kind of change whereby anyone, from any state, could pay a fee and become some kind of auxiliary LEO for the state of Montana, and then expect their local PDs to respect their RKBA as a full-fledged LEO.
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