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Gaerek, it's a hiking gun. The way I see it is that snakes are really the only things a gun would be good for, except maybe an aggressive javelina and I'm not sure they even go up in the mountains. If a mountain lion or bear attacks me I'm probably done for anyway since I'm not hunting and actively looking for them. If illegal immigrants see me, they'll almost certainly hide. The two legged variety of coyote won't go that far in. Drug runners would know I'm coming before I see them and would either conceal themselves or whip out the AKs. I can't match their firepower or range.

Know what I mean? A lot of guys are macho and say "I'll take some with me". I figure if I'm dead, what will I care then? That's just me, though.

I would carry my GP100, but it's dang heavy. A crazed bear would take me out anyway.
Whatever you're comfortable with. I doubt you'd have any issues with Javelinas there, but I'm sure a .22 would just upset one, unless you got a lucky shot. In my opinion, it's not a "macho" thing, it's a "even if they have all the advantages in the world, I'm not going down without a fight" thing. (Speaking of the drug runners, of course). Again, whatever you're comfortable with.
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