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I am reading them and I see the Orlean School shooting was a suicidal kid that couldn't do it himself so he wanted the cops to do it for him(suicide by cop).

The Fullerton shooting was a 37 year old deranged dude that was shooting fellow staff members at his place of work which happened to be a school, he shot no kids, he was shooting the guys who were "making his wife do pornos".

Brenda Spencer in the Cleavland School shooting, no motive determined, nothing to go on except that it happened.

And the Kehoe Bombing, a 55 year old out of luck dude who was financially ruined and suicidal. Again it doesn't fit at all.

2 out of 5 come close, one has no motive at all that is remotely solid and the other is "Suicide by Cop".

Where is Fame and Glory in any of these? You should not make the error that the multiple deaths, or a school location in any way is relevant to the killings happening today.
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