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My brother recently flew with a long gun case.

I whole-heartedly agree with getting a pelican case for your pistol. It's still going to scream valuable steal-me. But not valueable gun, steal me.

They do NOT watch your firearm. We were told the firearm would show up on the conveyor. It didn't. It went to will call and sat on a table while we sat there staring at the luggage go round.

To travel with a firearm it must be legal where you start and where you stop. IF you can't buy it in Reno(aside from the handgun residency provision), don't take it with you.

Get there even earlier. You'll want to be one of the first people to check in for your flight, preferably in the first few minutes they allow checkin for your flight. IF there's a problem, they call you back to the check in counter... they told us we'd want to wait around on that side of security screening for about an hour as I recall, though I may be wrong.
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