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Its not a "bulls eye" target weapon...and the ammo you selected isn't known as extremely yes, I think its ok.

If you want to compare your skill....shoot with the 2 1/2" .....and then a 4" ...and then a 6" ....with the same ammo / and see if you do better or about the same....( ideally same model of gun / in different barrels ) don't switch from a Taurus to a S&W or a Ruger...because there is too much difference in the triggers...between those 3 mfg's...

maybe its the grip, the trigger, the sights, your eyes, the ammo ...the light that day ....all kinds of stuff....

But if you're concerned about whether the gun is a suitable "tactical" weapon....shoot it in rapid fire and evaluate your skill level. Out of a holster...and a double tap on the target...say under 3 sec to start with.
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