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Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer View Post
If you argue on the basis on an anecdote, typing it in bold, doesn't make it a universal law of physics - even from Mas.

It's been studied intensively and modern 9s aren't that different from 40s and 45s.

Everyone should take research design in college or they should teach it in high school.

I was an expert on a case where a big guy had a paring knife stuck in his chest and he dropped stone cold dead almost instantly - carry a paring knife.
Completely true, and I'd never argue it. I'd be very confident with a 9mm or a .45 too. It does get tiresome though, as a .40 fan, to read about how .40 is hard to handle and/or superfluous, I shoot .40 better than 9 out of the same platform. It doesn't make sense and shouldn't be that way but it is.

Choose what you like. None of them are "useless".

...except for .25 ACP
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