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And if you read the rest of the sentence, it goes on to list four of them, and those aren't the only four. My point is still that Columbine really wasn't anything fundamentally new or unique, even compared to incidents that happened decades earlier.

Granted, there were interesting differences (two shooters versus one, the attempted wide use of explosives, high school versus college, etcetera), but those are largely inconsequential to the big picture.

You say that things like Columbine "just didn't happen" back then, but read up on the four shooting listed at the start of the article I linked to (Olean, Fullerton, UT Austin and Cleveland Elementary) and then re-evaluate that. Except for the Cleveland Elementary shooting in 1979, all of them happened before you graduated high school in 1978.

EDIT - The UT shooting wasn't unique, at least not because of Whitman being a Marine returning to the US under hostile circumstances. He never went overseas and never saw combat. He was discharged from the Marines after never having gotten further from home than Camp Lejeune. Whitman probably did what he did as the result of a brain tumor, or he was just a random whacko, just like the ones we have today.

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