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Good for you. From that, I can deduce that you had the money to pay any course fees DNR may have charged; you were able to obtain or provide your own transportation to wherever the course was held; you had no work nor family conflicts with the DNR course schedule.

To some people, any one of those factors could put such a course out of their reach.
yes, I had the means to take the course on my own. the cost of the course was minimal.....a little over $20 from what I can remember. I also lucked out and managed to find a course being offered at a VFW relatively close to my house. The downside to the DNR course, classes fill up quickly and their locations can be out of the way depending on where you live. The other downside is that I took my course with a bunch of 10 year olds who were there with their parents. I manage to get a good laugh from my wife about it but it was a little embarrasing at the time as it was the only class I could get. but, I was there to learn about firearm safety and nothing more.

I think part of the problem is that there are some adults who think that taking a safety course is beneath them, or that they don't need training. people tend to get caught up in gun culture and just want to start shooting things and having fun. I get it. when I became interested in hunting I went out and bought a rifle almost immediately. but, after doing so I knew I had to take a firearm safety course if I was going to actually go hunting or handle a firearm. I know when my son is old enough to understand guns I will personally teach him firearm safety, but I will also enroll him in a safety course for good measure.
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