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ScottRiqui, the opening line from your own quoted source of info.

Prior to 1989, there were only a handful of incidents in which two or more victims were killed by firearms at a school,.....
And I graduated High School in 1978, and AR-15s were readily for sale cause I bought my first in 1980, cost $600 at a gun store in Lubbock, TX.

Try not to get wrapped up in the details, the point isn't which was the first or the worst. The point is that it just didn't happen at all. If there was a shooting at a school it was about drugs, not someone whacked in the head kid looking for 30 days of glory.

The UT shooting was a different matter and very unique. He was an ex-Marine if I recall correctly? A Vet that came back from a war at a time when Vets didn't get nice welcome homes.

I joined the Army in 1981 and still even then we were told "Not" to where our uniform down town because the locals might try to kick your ass or something.
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