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Blackhawk .327 Range Report

Finally got to the range this weekend with my new Ruger Blackhawk in .327 Federal Magnum.

First impressions. The .327 is a fun and accurate little round. I had American Eagle 85 and 100 grain JSP loads. I didn't have a chrono but based on how flat they shot out to about 110 yards they had to be moving right along. Once I got used to the gun it was fairly easy to shoot 1" or so groups at 25 yards off sandbags.

The Blackhawk is a big heavy gun so recoil was mild with mostly a little muzzle flip. This would be a great small game/varmit round.

It would be great if someone would bring out a handy carbine or lever action rifle for the round. I think the longer barrel lengths take better advantages of this cartridge than the snubbies that it has mostly been chambered for IMHO.

Many K and N Frames
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