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In many cases a question like this has merit. In this world in general but especially the internet there is so much bad information around it's hard to sort it all out. Even the old sayin of "one unhappy customer = 10 happy customers" comes into play. Unhappy folk are generally more vocal than happy folk and some things get an undeserved bad rap. But in the case of Bryco, Jennings, Jimenez, Davis, etc the bad reps are deserved. Bad materials, bad designs and bad workmanship. To be honest the first centerfire handgun I ever bought was Bryco 9mm. Looked good in my eyes, felt good, right size, etc. At the range the thing was atrocious. It ran fine but felt like a hand grenade went off in my hands every pull of the trigger and a 2 foot square hunk of cardboard was safe at 50 feet. How long would it of lasted I have no idea, I sent it down the road after a couple 100 rounds.

But there are some things that shooters just have to learn on their own. This is but one example. If I had to guess this same poster may be answering a similar post in a few years and have nothing good to say. Live and learn at least these POS's are a cheap learning experience.
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