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Very interesting technology. Seems it has come along some since I first looked into it. Now from what I understand, 3D printing came along as a quick way to make a model of a part. Allowing it to be tangible and not just on a computer screen. There now seem to be newer versions of this technology that could make things that can actually be used. But cost would be a factor to most of us. As of right now, they I do not think they can print a part that would need to of a certain rockwell hardness to perform any function inside a firearm or be a barrel. This seems to be far off yet and will not replace machine shops just yet. Now, I am not saying that it will one day not happen. But not today for the average person. Dollar for dollar, I believe a simple CNC machine is still the best machine for this purpose. Still within the average person's grasp and much more reliable.
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