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The range owner just called me. He said the guy was sitting in a row of chairs waiting to enter the range. He had his gun in his bag and reached in the bag and grabbed the gun to pull the slide and discharged the gun.The gun discharged through his bag, hitting other ammo, hearing protection and then grazed the ladies leg I mentioned in the original post. Totally negligence on the gun owners part. He said they were now going to implement a check in policy and strictly enforce the already existing rule of no guns out or unholstered in the lobby. They also blew up a picture of the guy and put it on the wall as a reminder that he is lifetime banned and not allowed to ever shoot there again. He also said with this he's made bigger signs stating these rules and there will be a 0 tolerance policy on it. If you remove your weapon or unholster in the lobby you will be removed and banned. If you need gun smith service they unpack and unload your weapon. Not you. I am glad they took a proactive approach and a serious tone to this. He was very appreciative for my feedback and input. I am enjoying the hobby and sport of shooting. I don't want things like this to ruin it. So I feel a little better about the situation.
i'm curious about the guy whose gun discharged - why was his gun loaded to begin with? I'm assuming this isn't common practice at a shooting range, right?
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