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Thank you for the replies.

The reason I was thinking the grip was too small is the chart says when you are shooting to your weak hand side, you don't have enough finger on the trigger. I am thinking that I am squaring off my first two knuckles (if that makes sense) and pushing to the right on the over-travel. I am trying to keep the trigger in the middle of the pad of the first knuckle. Maybe going to the bigger grip will get my trigger finger more alongside the frame or maybe I just need to pull the trigger with the crease between my first two knuckles?

The gun seems to have more over-travel. I will focus on follow through and find some snap caps to see what I can see. Honestly, my groups suck but are consistently to the right except for the occasional round.

jon, when I can find some more ammo, I will go through those steps you outlined.

How do you shoot a pistol off a rest? Sorry but what do you rest on the rest? I have a rifle sandbag I can take to the range.
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