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Going to Texas for hogs?

I recently got in touch through Face book with some cousins that I use to play with as a kid. Come to find out they live in Texas and have a fairly big Hog problem. They invited me down to come help cure the problem.

From what I hear there are lots of them but they are not as big as what I see on the internet. I am excited cause first of all the hunt is FREE and it will be a chance to get back in touch with some family that I have not seen for 30 years!

Any way I asked them what guns to bring and they are talking things like 44mags and 45-70s. I do own a 44 magnum Henry but it is a heavy beast. I have a 45-70 marlin as well. I am sure what every I bring (so long as its big enough) will be fine but what do people that hunt hogs often use? My last hog hunt (which cost me a small fortune) I brought a pump action Remington 30-06.

They say there typical size is about 100lbs with a few 150-175lbs. The biggest they have ever gotten there was 190 so like said earlier they are not as big as others but he says there is lots of them!

so I need a recommendation of a rifle. On my hip I will carry a 357 magnum with heavy bullets...
Always looking for a good hunt!

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