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Scorch,I've never done exactly this job.Would you expect the reamer pilot would be long enough to find the bore to ride on?
No, the pilot would not reach the throat, the 257 WBY shoulder is larger than the 25-06 base, so until you get about 1.5"-2" into the chamber, you are hoping it doesn't wander.
Shop Rate per hour for all work not priced $40.00
That's a pretty low shop rate in most areas of the country, many are twice that.
Compare that to trading and buying a new Weatherby ($1200 for the Weatherby and maybe $300ish trade-in).
I paid $299.99 for a nib Vanguard, chambered in .257 Wby, @ my lgs last year.
Buy a Vanguard 2 .257 Wby. I paid $425 for mine
This is the reason why it is unfeasible IMO. But hey, it's a free country, go for it.
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