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Meat and hair (what colour of hair, and how long?) usually mean it was a flesh wound. Shot went high across the shoulder (gray body hair), low across the belley (short white hair). Next time you dress a deer pay real close attention to what kind of hair (colour, course, fine, long, short) is on what part of a deer. The colour of the blood can also give you a hint as to where the deer is hit. Dark red usually meaning loss from muscle tissue, bright red usually from organ damage, and very bright frothy blood from lung hits. Then next time you "cut hair" it will tell you where it was cut from. I almost always take the behind the shoulder broad side shots and I use Nosler balistic tips in my 260. A good hit leaves almost NO sighn on the ground and a dead deer with in feet of the hit.

I have taken deer with everything from 22lr to 50 cal round ball and I can assure you that proper bullet placement for the round and bullet design you are shooting trumps EVERYTHING else!

The only times I have ever felt like I had bullet failuers was shooting a Remington core loct 6mm at very long range. In this case the bullet, after loosing velocity, would act like a FMJ and just punch a hole through. Took them a long time to bleed out!
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