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I don't understand the mentality that someone who "plans for the future" is a hoarder. Do you wait until you are out of gasline and on the side of the road before you decide to fill up? Do you wait until a Hurricane is about to hit before you think about extra food, water and gasoline for the generator? Some folks do and some do not. It is time to put on our collective "big boy pants", act like adults, and plan ahead.
Agreed. It makes no sense to bitch about the guy who already had a stockpile laid in before the shortage, because the odds are good that at he time he bought it, his purchases didn't affect availability for you at all.

A year ago, I could have bought a case of CCI Stinger every day, and there still would have been plenty left on the shelf for the guy after me. At that point, who was I hurting by stocking up?
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