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"Kelly the NYPD Police Commissioner (I think his name is Kelly) was on the week end news talk show saying, "yeah get rid of Assault Weapons, but they aren't the problem, the problem is concealable hand guns"."
There you have the true issue. The problem is that neither side in the gun control debate wants to address it. The anti-gun people always want to point to "assault weapons" when they are not the problem, but those black, ugly guns are easy to identify. For most anti-gun people they are scarry. There is no thought process involved, it's just a gut reaction.
For the pro-gun side few advocates want to talk about handguns. Almost half of all handgun deaths are suicides. If you start talking about handguns this uncomfortable fact quickly comes up.
I live near New Orleans and the murder rate is very high. Almost all are handguns, almost all involve people that are either too young to own a handgun or have a criminal history. We already laws that make that cover this. The problem is not a lack of laws but enforcement of what is already on the books.
The police just want to hit the "easy" button. It takes a lot of time and effort to get the comminity to work with the police. In our area the police are not trusted by many of the local people. They have a history of corruption, violence, malfeasance and even murder. Before they could even hope to get any help from the areas hit hardest by violence they need to establish themselves as a trustworthy organization.
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