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I am going to have to go with crazy guy at walmart though, but let me share my crazy guy at walmart story.

I was driving to chicago last week, decided to try and stop at walmart along the way to find some .22lr

There is some guy talking at length to the gun counter person about shotguns when I walk up. I ask if they have any 22. Nope of course not. Then the customer standing there offers that he has some .22 back at his farm that he would sell me.

Now I am not an Illinois resident so I don't have a FIOD card. I couldn't find any concrete answer if it was legal for me to buy ammo there but I thought hey why not try? IDK how a private sale of ammo is handled there.

I turned him down since I was in a hurry and I just generally got a creepy vibe from the dude and didn't want to end up as pig feed.

Don't know if it was just some dude trying to be helpful but I thought it was interesting you just ran into another "helpful" guy trying to help you possibly skirt the law.

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