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jim, scott, and ignition have good points

The nra seems to be doing nothing but fanning the flames to induce panic buying and price increases.

A lot of the arguments for the NSA phone tapping of American citizens were "if you arn't doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about" if you buy a ton of ammo and are growing pot in the back room, you might need to quit growing pot.

we have a "no fly list" a "convicted fellon list" why not a "mentally incompetent to own firearms list"

instead of looking for real solutions and engaging and controling the discussion the nra is simply crying "buy,buy,buy" and "it's the media! it's the media!", and "it's the video games! it's the movies!"

when in reality it's the mentaly disturbed

I am done with paying attention to this subject, I am doing nothing against any law, I am not affraid of some zombie appocolypse.

if I feared an economic collapse I would get solar panels for my airconditioner and freezer. I heat with a wood stove. I don't need anything else.

My comments are not meant to make anyone angry or discount anyone's personal views and comments, they are just my own views.

hopefully this will not get me kicked off the forum as I have a number of other firearm related questions in the future.
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