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Ballistic Tip Failures......

Ok so here is my current problem that left me very frustrated yesterday. I was hunting on Sunday mornign with a newly aquired 30/30 that i sighted in on Saturday afternoon. I have always hunted with eithe a lead nose bullet or a hollow point(nothign fancy or special). I went out on a limbe and purchased two different types of Hornady ballistic tips for the same rifle. One was the ZombieMax and the others are the Leverolition (sp?). I only shot with the zombie max. Ont his not.

I sighted in with regular ammo and fired a few ballistics to to see the difference in grouping which was signifigantly different and i adjusted to it.

Now here is the problem. I shot a medium sized does from approximatley 130-140 yds. I was aiming for the vitals right behind the shoulder. The round hit and she jumped a good ten feet in the air and ran into the brush. I waited a few minutes before getting out of the blind, and when i got to where she was standin when i shot and all I found was hair and little bit of meat. No blood no anythign else, and she was gone.

I was walking back to camp when I saw another medium sized doe and a yearling. I got into the prone this time and took a nice slow well aimed shot right behind her shoulder. Once again it aided in her jumping abilities, and she bolted for the brush. Once again I found some hair and some meat and even a little bit of boane this time. My friend and i began tracking and about 15 meters away found some blood and tracked it for 50-60 yds and then lost any and all signs of the trail.

I was very disappointed in this situation, and could not figure out how this could happen. Newly sighted rifle, and new ammo. after all was said an doen with before leaving camp i blasted a few more rounds at a target and had a 2" group at 130 yds.

This leads me to believe it was the ammo. Any advice? or suggestions? woudl be great. Also i am switching back to reagular lead nose and hollow points. Come to think of it I took a 100 lb sow earlier this year with the same round and it was a clean 1 shot kill........

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