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I remember I took a buddy of mine who was in the National Guard to the range so she could have the opportunity to shoot handguns. I "assumed" that she would have good range etiquette and safety procedures. Wrong! She was waving and flagging the weapons all over. Now, after serving in both the active and reserve components I thought this may happen. So, everything she did with those guns unloaded I asked her to tell me what she was doing. This kept her focused on the weapon.

I could not believe it when she said flagging did not matte as the gun was not loaded.

Golden Rule for all shooters "Treat all firearms as loaded." Accidents don't just happen, accidents are caused. There is simply no excuse IMO for an accidental discharge due to sloppy safety procedures by firearms user. I never keep guns ready to fire in the home unless it is a revolver. My first line of defense and warning is the dog. Hopefully that will give me the few seconds I will need to get my carry gun into operation.
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